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Educational excellence and community spirit

Founded on a legacy of educational excellence and community spirit, Creative Scholars Academy emerges as a beacon of opportunity in the vibrant Triangle Area Muslim Community. Since the inception of the Islamic Association of Raleigh in 1981 by NC State University students, this community has flourished, welcoming families and fostering a rich tapestry of culture and tradition.

In response to the growing need for quality Islamic education, the Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR) established its first full-time school called Al-Iman School in 1985, laying the foundation for educational and spiritual growth. Over the years, institutions like An-Noor Quran Academy and Al-Furqan School joined the ranks, catering to the evolving needs of the community.

Fast forward to 2014, and the momentum of growth knows no bounds. Recognizing the increasing demand for educational space, the IAR embarked on an ambitious expansion journey with the purchase of property at 3104 Page Road, Morrisville, NC. This culminated in the birth of Creative Scholars Academy, a testament to innovation and commitment to nurturing young minds.

With construction initiated in 2022 and a grand vision taking shape, Creative Scholars Academy stands ready to open its doors in the Fall of 2025, offering a dynamic blend of academic rigor, Islamic values, and a nurturing environment. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of learning, exploration, and endless possibilities!

At Creative Scholars Academy, the curriculum is designed to foster a well-rounded education in students by integrating three key categories:

Fostering An Islamic Identity In Your Student

NC Standard Course of Study: This component ensures that students receive a comprehensive education aligned with the state standards in core subjects such as English, mathematics, science, and social studies. By following the NC Standard Course of Study, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are essential for academic success and personal development.

Fostering An Islamic Identity In Your Student

Islamic Studies: Islamic Studies instills in students a deep understanding and appreciation of Islamic teachings, values, and traditions. Through lessons on the Quran, Hadith, Islamic history, and ethics, students cultivate a strong moral compass and spiritual foundation. This category helps students integrate their faith into their daily lives and interactions with others.

Fostering An Islamic Identity In Your Student

Arabic Language: Studying Arabic enables students to access and understand Islamic texts in their original language, deepening their connection to their faith. Additionally, learning Arabic enhances students’ cognitive abilities, such as memory and language skills.

Together, these three categories create a holistic educational experience that not only meets academic standards but also nurtures students’ spiritual growth and cultural competence.


“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

– Kofi Annan