December 18, 2020

Good Evening Parents,

I pray that the first half of the school year has gone well for your family. We have been so blessed to be on campus for the last four months. Thank you for your vigilance in adhering to our school guidelines and those imposed by the state. This has truly made a difference!

We are looking forward to our Christmas Break to not only celebrate the birth of our Savior but to spend some much needed time with our families. While you celebrate Christmas and the New Year, please keep in mind your students return to school on January 5th. If your student is exposed to COVID over the break we ask that you take the necessary precaution of quarantining for 14 days. Please also report this exposure to the school office by contacting Mrs. Jackson via email at

While our goal is always to be on campus with our students and staff, we also need to caution you that future school closures could be a reality. With infection rates on the rise, there is the possibility of multiple classroom outbreaks and stricter guidelines from the state of California. We also have learned from our own recent experience, after having to quarantine 21 students and 4 staff members, that a single exposure may have larger implications due to the need for higher staffing levels. Presently, we have been able to shift our remaining staff around to cover the absences. However, this may not always be the case. You should be prepared in the coming weeks that, if a significant number of staff have to quarantine because of exposure, we may have to transition to distance learning.

While we continue to pray that all our staff and students remain safe and healthy, it is important for you to be prepared for these possibilities. If we do have to transition to distance learning, we will be able to shift quickly back to the model we used the first two weeks of school. The teachers will share a schedule with you and host live lessons with the students Monday-Thursday. Friday would be a day for following-up with students and class assessments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us as we navigate these uncertain times.

We pray that you have a safe and restful Christmas Break!

See you on January 5th.

In Him,

Ben Elliott
760.747.3029 x7105