June 25, 2021

Dear Parents,

As we close out the school year, and with summer camp underway, we’d like to update you on changes to state guidance for students and staff.
Face Coverings for Students 
The California Department of Public Health has released updated face coverings guidance that aligns with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Under the new state guidance, children are no longer required to wear face coverings while they are outside at school, whether they are vaccinated or not. Children and adults are still required to wear face coverings while indoors at school.
New Rules for Staff
Last week, the California Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board adopted revised COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards for employers and employees. Changes for our staff you should know about include:
  • There are no face-covering requirements outdoors (except during outbreaks) for employees, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Face coverings are still required to be worn while indoors at school.
  • With some exceptions, there are no physical distancing or barrier requirements for employees, regardless of employee vaccination status.
  • Fully vaccinated employees do not need to be tested or quarantined after close contact with COVID-19 cases unless they have symptoms.
Additional State Guidance Still to Come
The CDC is expected to release updated guidance for schools regarding the 2021-22 school year in the coming weeks, and we anticipate there will be additional changes to state guidance once the CDC acts.
Grace will continue to monitor the state guidance and will keep you posted on any changes that impact school operations. Once the new guidance is released we will update the campus plan.
Celebrating Our Success This year has been challenging in different ways for everyone. Whether you’re excited for the future, feeling overwhelmed by changes, trying to process loss or a combination of all these things, we want to acknowledge your role in making it through this historic school year. Our school community and staff members supported each other, went far above and beyond to learn new ways of doing things, and did everything possible to take care of our students and families. We did it together.
Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
In Him,
Ben Elliott
760.747.3029  x7105